ljubomir-atlasLjubomir Tomljenović – licensed Atlas therapist and educator for Europe with Centers in Zagreb and Poreč, and working places in Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgeria, Serbia and Montenegro.

“Because of too frequent journeys, rarely I’m able to stay in Poreč, so everyone who want to make Atlas treatment, please contact Conny Peto Đeneš, whose quality of work I personally guarantee. I work with her for over 10 years; I was teaching her Atlas therapy many years. Those who want to wait couple of months on my arrival, also contact Conny Peto Đeneš because she coordinates Atlas therapy work in Istria.”

+385 (0)98 731 843

ConnyConny Peto Đeneš – licensed Atlas therapist for Istria, Rijeka, Kvarner, Kopar and Trieste with center in Poreč, Istria, Croatia

+385 (0)98 731 843

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