Ljubomir Tomljenović

prof. Ljubomir Tomljenović – Head of Atlas Therapy, a licensed therapist and EUNES instructor (educator) in the EU


After years of working in AtlasPROfilax, with experience of Atlas treatment on thousands of people, he decided to improve and modernize the method, and to facilitate the process and make it less painful. With sincere gratitude to his brother Vlado Tomljenović who taught and introduced him to AtlasPROfilax and gratitude to the Swiss René C. Schümperli founder of the Atlas correction technique, Ljubomir separates from AtlasPROfilax and continues to work independently and under EUNES and HUPED established Atlas Therapy.

After 45 years of experience working in the field of Alternative medicine and Yoga, Ljubomir found a holistic way of helping people to achieve a quality life without pain and stress.

He was born in Vinkovci, Croatia in 1946. Educated in Germany, Köln (Cologne), and graduated as a professor of sport, recreation and rehabilitation in 1974. He specialized in defectology and worked with people with special needs.

At 1972 he started to practice transcendental meditation, and immediately after two years studies in Belgium and Switzerland at Maharishi International University he became a teacher of TM (Transcendental Meditation).

From the 1974 in Germany he taught the TM and Yoga two years, after which returns to the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia as one of the first teachers of Transcendental Meditation. To the meditation he introduced more than 5,000 people from the former Yugoslavia and Germany.

Today he works in the whole EU in terms of promoting his knowledge and experience, with centers in Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Bulgaria.