Price for Atlas therapy is unique world wide and is same for all countries 180€ or 1.300,00 kuna, and for years it has been charged like this all over Croatia and other countries.

Because of the global crisis we decided to lower the prices and regulate them according to the possibilities of a certain country.

Price for Montenegro is 150€.

Price for Serbia and Bulgeria is 100€.

Price for Istria, Rijeka, Kvarner, Kopar and Trieste is:

  • 135€ or 1.000,00kn– for employed persons
  • 98€ or 730,00kn– for unemployed, pensioners and students
  • 210€ or 1.600,00kn – family package for two employees + children till age 15 free of charge
  • 135€ or 1.000,00kn – family package for two employees, or pensioners, or students + children till age 15 free of charge
  • 175€ or 1.300,00kn – family package for 1 employed + 1 unemployed
  • 67€ or 500,00kn – children aged from 7 to 18 years

(Payments in Kuna – Croatian currency. VAT is included in price.)

We are working through HUPED & EUNES licenses.